Saturday, May 07, 2005

Where I live

Where I live

The picture shows Sài Gòn as the grey blob in the bottom left corner. The dirty yellow triangle in the middle is Tân Sơn Nhất airport. East of it is the Sài Gòn river, and then the semi-urbanized but heavily industrialized area of Districts 2, 9 and Thủ Đức. Moving east and north, you encounter the Đồng Nai river, and beyond it the satellite city of Biên Hoà. While the latter is an separate administered city, it could be judged as part of the greater Sài Gòn Metropolitan area. So I put it in.

As a layman in satellite photography (plus the experience of living here), I'm guessing that white means urban or industrial areas, green means fields, and blue means water. The image is 62.5 km by 62.5 km. The coordinates at the centre are 10.6159144° N and 106.602345° E.

The original image is 500 by 500 pixels; it has been compressed to fit on to this blog. To see the full-size image, click on it - or you can look at the original Terra Server page that presented it. You can even move,  zoom, and pan through other parts of the picture. (Terra Server has lots of other satellite pictures for you to examine.)

(Picture © 2005 GlobeExplorer, Earth Satellite Corporation.)