Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Uprooting those Nazi weeds

Australian Racism has never died - and it has enjoyed a little resurgence with that Pauline Hanson. (John Howard's refugee-baiting didn't hurt here either.) But it is disrespectable - and not even in an entertaining, Les Patterson kind of way. In some cliques, you would be abused for racist remarks. In others, you would just be quietly held in contempt. Sometimes people try to get away with the weaselly "I'm not a racism, but..." (and then throw on their own stereotype). But racism is not cool. Being racist will not get you the fast-track in life. It is not a route for social climbing. It is quite the reverse. It can even cause you to lose your job.

So who are you going to get in hard-core Nazi parties like the Patriotic Youth League? Not many self-serving careerists, methinks: membership won't help you up the greasy pole of life. (It's when the timeservers and yuppies start joining that you start to worry.)  It's not a feel-good organization like the "Wilderness Society", so that scratches out the young and the enthusiastic. This goes double for young women. So who's left? From these simple facts, you can state that almost any modern Australian NaziSymph is a crank or a loser - and more likely both. They're unable to get ahead in life, and they're looking for someone to blame. And what simpler way of distinguishing your friends from your enemies than their melanin levels, or the folds around their eyes?

Fortunately, they are small and their enemies are great. Darp Hau has been doing a bang-up job of organizing the opposition from his blog - protests, community activism and so on. Goodonya. Others act in their own way. From his site:

As you can see, I've added a new link button to the left. I urge you all to enjoy the Patriotik Yoof League.

You'd be surprised at the calibre and variety of people from the arts/advertising/media/entertainment industry that put this together. It was knocked up in a very short period of time and though I don't expect anyone to believe it, I DIDN'T contribute the bulk of the material here. All shall be revealed in due course.

Racists are easy to take the piss out of, and the "Patriorik Yoof League" is a good laugh thoughout. (The Hitler-Goebels slash-fiction they threw in gave me a giggle.)

But it's not all hijinks. There's a link to Survival of the Species by one C. Stewart - a real racist handbook. To save you the effort of wading through this crap, I will quote from the last chapter:, "The Mangalore Virus":

In just a matter of a few months, the racial virus was decimating non-White populations worldwide; no country was free from its effects. While the full blood non-Whites were obviously being affected by the virus, it also affected half-breeds (mulattos), quarter-breeds (quadroons), and eighth-breeds (octoroons) (while the technical terms for miscegenetic offspring were originally coined with regards to Negro intermixture, they had begun to be used in relation to Asiatic miscegenation as well). While the virus even affected many who were one-sixteenth non-White, and those who had an even lower proportion of non-White genes in them, these people weren't as badly affected as the others, and many survived. Apparently there was a rough cut-off point as to what proportion of non-White genes enabled the Mangalore Virus to kill its victims; this may have been Nature's way of determining at what point someone's DNA was sufficiently "White".

Think about it. The author wrote 34 other chapters of prose before finishing up with his own private Götterdammerung. And with only one hand, I judge. Sick is too easy a word to describe them.

And how do I feel about the other modern-day Nazis? As you've probably guessed, I pity them, with a large part of contempt thrown in. Sadly, they do not don't realize that in a real Fourth Reich, they'd be the first to go. (Look what happened to the S.A.) I do realize they're my enemies. They are the sort of folk that would brand me a "race traitor" for my betrothal to Ms. Down and Out, my fiancee. After all, she is Vietnamese. They are the sort of people who would try to scare her or hurt her. I don't want anyone to think these can get away with this. Damn them and all their works, I say.