Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Good games never die - they just get ported to another system.

Some readers may remember the old PC game "Lemmings". You have tens of little not-so-bright goblins, and you need to lead them to the promised land. By themselves, they'll just keep walking in the same direction - whether off cliff faces or into pools lava. Fortunately, you can choose some of them to build bridges or act as blockers. It's not really a shoot-em up game, although sometimes things get violent. You could choose one to be an "exploder" and self-detonate...

Well, someone has decided to remake it as DHTML. That's right: as HTML plus a little bit of Javascript to get the little critters going. Not only that, but he's recreated the 40 levels I remember from visiting other folk's houses. Did someone have access to the original source code (which is presumably in C), or did he try to recreate the game from scratch? If the former, then I'm impressed; if the latter, then I'm really impressed. The look-and-feel is absolutely spot on. And one reason that I haven't been blogging lately is that I'm temporarily hooked: 33 levels down and 7 to go to date.