Wednesday, October 13, 2004

English snafus from those who should know better.

Rixstep have a banner add from AOL. To cut to the chase, it reads: "Know who's calling you when your online" Can you spot the mistake?

The same boo-boo was made by one of the local brauhauses while advertising for "English Teacher's Night Happy Hour". The sentence that stuck in my head was "Your all invited." Good: a quick way of annoying your target demographic. Or was it a teacher who organized the function? "A disgrace to the profession!", I thought at the time. The reality was not much better: a manager of New Zealand origin. I'm easy on foreigners who make grammar mistakes, but condenscending of the native speakers who do the same.

Just so we understand: "your" is a possesive pronoun, used in sentences like "This is your pen." "You're" is a contraction of "You are", and should have been used in the AOL banner.

No, I never went to the happy hour. Glasses of beer were being targeted at the extra low-low price of "15,000 VNĐ". Good, except that you can get longnecks of beer at many restaurants for 7,000. I always thought the idea of a happy hour is that you can get your beer cheaper than elsewhere..."