Tuesday, September 21, 2004

"Has anyone seen my plastic bottle?"

I never been to the Full Moon Party - the one in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. I though about dropping by on the way home to Australia. I didn't, probably because there was no full moon during the trip home. It looks like I didn't miss anything. Well, anything nice.

One of the things I like about Australia was forest doofs. You drive 80km or 90km to someone's farm, and dance to music outdoors at night. Coffee, chai and ciagarettes were what got me through the night. By myself - I liked the easy going vibe of the events, and I could always dance or have an interesting conversation or two. One thing that I liked about them was that people were (in general) pretty good about rubbish. You bring it with you, and then you clean up after yourself, or throw it in the bin. And you never throw bottles on the ground. Some people may be dancing barefoot, and one of them may be you.

By the looks of the party, we're dealing with a different mindset here. I was thinking that the rubbish could be sewage from some where else (sanitation isn't the best in SE Asia.). My second thought: "That many beer bottles?"

The revellers may be giving extra cash to the locals (who get recycling money for the gear). But for anyone who'd dispose of rubbish on the beach that way - wankers.

(Warning: the link contains nudity and bad body painting. You have been warned.)