Friday, September 07, 2007

AEC Electoral Divisions in Google Earth - part I

The following links should be to Google Earth maps of Australian Electoral Divisions. Victoria and NSW are coming soon. For now, here's the rest.

But there's a catch. They're generated from official AEC GIS data. I can generate it, and I believe I share it as well, but one condition of using the GIS data is that I also have to pass along the following copyright notice. (XXXX stands for the relative state or territory - not the beer.)

This product (XXXX Electoral Divisions for Google Earth) incorporates data that is: © Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Electoral Commission) 2007

The Data (Commonwealth Electoral Boundaries (2007)) has been used in XXXX Electoral Divisions for Google Earth with the permission of the Australian Electoral Commission. The Australian Electoral Commission has not evaluated the Data as altered and incorporated within XXX Electoral Divisions for Google Earth, and therefore gives no warranty regarding its accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose.

Limited End-user licence provided by the Australian Electoral Commission: You may use XXXX Electoral Divisions for Google Earth to load, display, print and reproduce views obtained from the Data, retaining this notice, for your personal use, or use within your organisation only.

I'll get around to the other states in the next few days. Have fun.