Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscars Obliviousness

Mad props to Martin Scorsese (although I reckon he should have won the award for Goodfellas), and a tip of the hat to Al Gore. But in general my attitude to the ceremony is studied indifference. No, no, no... I don't hold it in contempt; I don't consider the Oscars significant enough for that. Want to know the reasons for the lack of affect?

Forrest Gump. Six Oscars. In 1994. Beating out Pulp Fiction for Best Picture. A maudlin mess of fake nostalgia and wish-fulfillment, which may have been seen as "inspirational" at the time, but now comes across as a desperate sop to a certain generation. I first caught it in 2003 - nine years after the hype had died - and I was astounded how many Yank Baby Boomer shibboleths it tried to jam into the movie. Less than a decade on, and it had already dated badly. It might have been an experience, but it was no education. 

After that, I couldn't see the awards as that important.