Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Interpreter or the Bodyguard

Good grief. China sounds like a tough place to do business in. (And why don't we get more fun stories like this here?) ESWN has his observations on The Toughest Motherf*cking Interpreter in China:

"[T]wo foreigners and their overprotective Chinese interpreter ... fought off eight guys who apparently gawked at his clients too long ... The interpreter came to table of eight and asked them to apologize to the foreigners because the group had "stared at them too long."  The request was refused.  The Chinese interpreter relayed the refusal to the foreigners and then he came back to the table and attacked and stabbed three of them, and continued to chase the other five who were trying to escape, stabbing another four."

This is ESWN quoting The Shanghaiist. Then he adds a sentence of his own:

Whenever there is an event without definitive evidence, the Internet goes amok.

Please ponder the last sentence for a minute. The story sounds like an urban myth to me. What's more amazing is that of the seven people stabbed, none of them died. That is serious Ninja shit, and thus a little unbelievable. It's hard enough to pierce seven people in succession, but it's even harder to avoid nicking an artery while doing. Personally, if I had magical martial arts powers, I'd stick with the coshes and truncheons and other blunt instruments, and only if necessary. But since the story was picked up by "official" news sources such as The Shanghai Daily, then it might be true.

I guess that the serial stabber is not an interpreter, but a bodyguard - albeit with fair English skills. But was he an employee or just hired on a retainer? If the latter, then I reckon he's got some explaining to do at the agency he works at.