Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh, Bugger.

Italy 1 - Australia 0. Fucking 'ell. Australia, good on ya.

The Road to Surfdom sez:

…my completely subjective, non-expert opinion is that it was a dud call. Didn’t look like a foul to me. However, Italy really were the better team on the day. Our attacks on goal never looked particularly dangerous whereas theirs sure did, and their defence, especially after they went a man down, was extraordinary. They looked fitter and more skillful throughout. Still, we held them and as I say, that was no foul, and you never want to lose because of dodgy calls, whatever the cosmic balance may require. Argggh.

Still, there's 2010 to consider. It should be easier to enter the World Cup, now that Australia is part of the Asian Football Federation, rather than Oceania.