Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do Playstations feel like Freedom?

I like B3TA. It's a forum that's allows people to show what they've been doing with Photoshop this week. Like making weird optical illusions. Or giggle-worthy animated gifs about Indiana Jones. It's generally finnier than FARK, which offers the same thing, but with extra fratboy feel.

Every Friday, B3TA offers new Photoshop Challenges to the members. When it works, it works very well: see 18-Certificate films released for Children. But the latest one is a stinker: the Sony PlayStation Freedom Challenge.

What is freedom? Oooh - B3ta and Sony PlayStation have teamed-up and want you to design an image which best describes your idea of freedom - including their Freedom logo. Best image will win a PS2, and there's runners up prizes too. Good luck.

It fails on so many levels. Pasting a logo onto existing pictures is uncreative, and that's what the compo requires. It's unworthy of the skills of the membership. Then there's the cries of "sell out" - although I personally think B3TA were far more unwise than mercenary. But the real blame goes to Sony. How can you choose  the word "Freedom" to sell the sedentary activity of playing a PlayStation? This picture says it better that I can.