Tuesday, August 05, 2008

That Newfangled Google Street View

Corner Barkly and Stuart Highways, Northern Territory

This is the new Google "Street View" as applied to Australia. One day of publicity gone, and already the variety of our pictures exceeds that of the United States. Over there, they've limited themselves to a paltry few cities, and even big ones like Washington, D.C. are excepted. I suppose security theatre is to blame. 

Google Australia may have started with the cities, but they've gone one better with photographing all major highways - from the cities through the bush and into the centre of the outback. They may not have succeeded, but one can see the lines of blue stretching from sea to shining sea when zoomed out all the way. 

Yes, I may have concerns with privacy and terrorism, but they can wait until tomorrow. For now - hats off.