Saturday, March 25, 2006

Breakdancers coming to Sài Gòn; suitable charities wanted

This came in my mail from Lenga Nguyen (aka Buddhist with an attitude):

I am leading a small group of Canadians who will be visiting Vietnam in August 2006. We plan to bring some school supplies for an organization called Blue Dragon Children's Foundation in Hanoi ( and but because 2 members of our group are also professional breakdancers, we also thought of having these people teach breakdancing to the kids at Blue Dragon and/or take part in a breakdancing show or battle with some of the breakdancing crews in Hanoi as a fundraiser for the Foundation. We are trying to coordinate such an event with Hanoian crews like Big Toe and others.

And I got to think: why just do it in Hanoi? Our itinerary also includes Saigon and we could also volunteer to take part in a similar fundraising show for a charity organization in Saigon. The problem is: I don't know anybody in Saigon. I left Vietnam in 1965 and I don't have any family left in Saigon. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to help me get in touch with a charity you know and trust, as well as with breakdancing crews in Saigon. A simple list of names and email addresses is all I need.

Sorry for the imposition. Like I said, you're the only person I «know» in Saigon. Thank you very much in advance.

Lenga Nguyen aka Buddhist with an attitude

I'm thinking "What imposition"? I'm not sorry for her email. What I am sorry about is that I can't think of any local children's charities. I know they exist, and I'm even attended the odd fundraiser, but I can't remember their names. 

Breakdancing crews would also be appreciated. As she said in a follow-up email:

Let the Saigonese breakdancing crews know that we are challenging them to a (friendly) battle/demonstration, all proceeds going to whichever charity is willing to organize the event. Or whatever. Our breakdancers would be just as happy to meet some Vietnamese colleague dancers or dance for homeless kids or something. We're desperate for attention ;-)

If anyone could help with mere information, please contact her on kwanyin47 at hotmail dot com. Or drop it in the comment box. It's for a good cause, you know.