Monday, December 20, 2004

More Việt Nam Blogs

One good thing about Simon World's Asia Blog Awards 2004 is that you can find the blogs considered important to somebody. Accordingly, I've found three more blogs to add to the ever-hungry blogroll:

  • Royby.Com. Loaded with pictures, and of personal interest - he used to work at my old company RMIT Vietnam.
  • toi la nguoi. The author is Việt Kiếu (overseas born or based Vietnamese), and is yet another blogger to write without capitals - place names excepted*.
  • No Star Where. The only of the three blogs using Blogger.

All three are far more prolific than I.

*It's a style not so easy for myself to emulate. After 12 years of using computers at university and work, reflex drives my pinkies over to the Shift keys without thinking. Making myself stop - aah, that's the hard part. The blog name comes from "Tôi là người" - the Vietnamese for "I am a person."